Careers with Pure Cultures


Pure Cultures, headquartered in Denver, CO with lab space in San Francisco, specializes in large-scale probiotic manufacturing, probiotic fermentation, research, and product development for Companion Pet, and the Agriculture Industry. Pure Cultures also offers strategic and tactical management consulting as it relates to probiotic production in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape. We are seeking a full-time Research Scientist based in San Francisco from October 2016 through January, 31, 2017 to support probiotic research and development.

As a Research Scientist, you must have an investigative and analytical mind and a methodical approach to testing new processes. You will need to be creative and have strong problem-solving skills as well. Good teamwork and motivation skills are essential, as is the ability to write and communicate effectively.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Develop lab-scale bioprocesses related to probiotic development.
• Hands-on individual
• Strain Development/fermentation.
• Performs and demonstrates proficiency in areas including aerobic and anaerobic bacteriology and fluorescent microscopy

Required Experience:

• BS in Microbiology with 3 years in a laboratory setting.
• Ability to work independently
• Able to write SOPs for laboratory setting.
• Good record keeping. Excellent oral and written skills.
• Knowledgeable of aseptic technique
• Familiar with understanding 16s RNA sequencing data, PCR of bacteria, making media and agar

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Pure Cultures is seeking a consultant or full-time Sales Director to support our lead generation efforts and sales funnel growth. We prefer the role be based in Denver, but we will consider any location.

  We would like this to be a hands on role including:
• Definition and execution of sales and marketing strategy
• Email outreach
• Nurture / business development strategy
• Determine best time to transition lead to CEO
• Definition of lead qualification process
• Lead scoring
• Maintenance of sales funnel and projections in a CRM system like SaleForce or Sugar CRM.
• Target company / role identification
• Identification of business opportunities by researching industry events, publications and contacts
• Attend appointments with CEO to support and refine sales effort
• Strategic support surrounding partnerships and sales opportunities
• Outline of roles are needed to support the effort and growth of PC moving forward
• Builds market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing business relationships
• Identify business opportunities by researching industry events, publications and contacts with potential and current customers

Experience and Skills:

• Experience and DEEP rolodex in selling into and building relationships with Ag and / or companion animal industry.
• Demonstrated revenue generation of $2M to $5Million in annual sales with new product offerings
• Background in probiotics, direct fed microbials, fermentation and silage a plus.
• Knowledge of industry trends in companion animal and direct fed microbial products.

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